How to create powerful, low-cost video channels

August 20, 2020

Brands have to communicate, both internally and externally. They do it to enlighten, to persuade, to teach, to inform and to remind.

But with the deluge of digital media and a million videos at your fingertips, it’s increasingly difficult to create the right content to cut through the noise and connect with the audience.

Channels (regular and repeated branded series of videos) are proven to create much higher levels of audience engagement and impact than stand-alone video. Channels drive consistent messaging and tell a cohesive story in a highly appetising and consumable way.

If you are a company or an organisation, think video channels, not isolated videos.

This mindsight allows you to jump forward from ‘making just another video’ to creating video channels to support specific business functions and themes across your organisation.

Developing channels means understanding the audiences, defining the objectives and messages to create high-quality, engaging content that connects directly with the intended audience.

Viewers then not only create direct engagement with key messages but become familiar and expectant with the themes and regular content of your channels.

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We all know that traditional video production is expensive and time-consuming – glossy brand films, animated explainer videos, CEO interviews – but with the advent of new video digital capture platforms that use the power of smartphone video, channels are now easy and low-cost to build.

For example, BP uses CREWSTUDIO as a great way to build content for their internal and external communication channels. Creating regular series like ‘BP Video Diaries’ and ‘A Day In the Life of’ delivers a stream of easy to make, low-cost and engaging content for their audiences.

BP wanted to create branded channels that gave an alternative and authentic perspective to some of the important things the company wanted to communicate like safety, low carbon and technology.

BP’s global and diverse workforce is involved in complex, highly valuable and, sometimes, world-changing projects. With over 80,000 employees working around the world, and many more partners and stakeholders across its supply chains, there are many stories to tell that don’t get the exposure they deserve. Due to its size, it’s not unusual for a BP employee working in one region to be unfamiliar with the culture, people and environment in a different department or place.

Having been challenged to create high impact UGC video in the past, CREWSTUDIO offered BP the opportunity to tell high quality, first-person stories directly from the field – whether they’re from leaders or front line heroes. Significantly with a channel approach, these stories don’t end with one video and repeat messaging and relevant themes are continually delivered from around the BP world.

Owned and developed by wtv., CREWSTUDIO was created to remove the typical pain-points of corporate UGC projects, such as time-consuming briefing processes, poor quality videos and easy content transfers from anywhere on the globe.

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wtv. Produces regular global and diverse ‘video diary’ style films for BP across the world – including Brazil, the US, China and India – with authentic, human and engaging content to feed their channels.

The films provide a personal insight into operations that are critically important to BP but are remote from corporate headquarters. They are reflective diaries that touch on subjects such as culture, people, scale and innovation and highlight key moments from site visits, meetings, events and new initiatives.

Each of the films tell a unique story. They make sense as stand-alone, shareable films, but, as a series, they are even more powerful. The channel creates the foundation, upon which future chapters are added. So the story of BP continues to evolve as the company and people do, and CREWSTUDIO helps them deliver their most important stories.

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