AUGMENTSTUDIO makes augmented reality easy and accessible for anyone making high quality presentations, wherever they are.

All you need is a camera, a laptop or a mobile, and an internet connection to create incredible AR videos with embedded 2D and 3D objects, for every type of live or pre-recorded presentation.

Lift the way you tell your story & really engage your audiences with augmented reality

Easy-to-use, low-cost AR for every presentational and video need

Controller Run
Create and control your story in real time and set up your 3D environment to deliver an engaging AR experience. The setup takes less than three minutes.

Video Streamer
Connects you directly with our graphics engine and supports input from a wide set of video cards, through SDI, NDI and IP-based interfaces.

Authoring Tool
A highly intuitive user experience creates high quality AR for your live presentations and supports 3D & 2D graphics, photos, social feeds, data and video.

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