3D and 2D sets bring events to life

wtv. will bring your internal event to life with the latest 2D and 3D set technology.
Bring geographically diverse audiences together, and have presenters in different countries sharing the same
stage. Our Golden Circle can also bring your audience into the show live, encouraging audience participation;
receiving awards, asking questions, or entering the discussion.

wtv. producers can manage who is seen and heard at the right time, and will deliver the event using your
existing platforms, or our own STREAMSTUDIO technology.

You need the right platforms, expertise & confidence to deliver engaging virtual events. We combine platform excellence with creative content creation, technical integration and experienced project teams.
Original, creative content shifts hearts and minds. We apply a deep understanding of how to enhance virtual events through moving images. From full studio production to authentic human stories, punchy social media and winning corporate brand films. Message and originality is all. Without creativity, virtual events can be dull platform-only.
Technology underpins everything we do. We integrate our own world-class platforms with industry-leading technologies to optimise virtual events.
Our Story
We’ve spent years reinventing virtual communications. And we believe in the power of virtual events & remote video to create positive change. We were born as the pioneers who helped build Greenpeace with a simple mission – to engage global audiences at the most important moments of time. Our teams continue to share that pioneering spirit today
Our partnership approach
We see our clients and wtv. teams as partnerships. We also partner with many of the world’s largest, smartest and newest platform technologies and global resellers.
If you are interested in becoming a partner or a reseller just get in touch.

Simple sophistication via advanced platforms

Engage your stakeholders – on every virtual level available

A high percentage of our government and corporate work is designed for secure & limited access only.
But we are very pleased to be able to share some recent case studies here.

HSBC Singapore – Connecting EU and UK Businesses to Growth Opportunities in ASEAN

With over a decade of partnership, wtv. has designed and delivered a multitude of external and internal virtual and hybrid events for HSBC across the globe — all with leading security while creating a seamless, flawless virtual HSBC experience.

wtv. delivered an HSBC branded STREAMSTUDIO webcast with 32 speakers across 7 countries for +500 attendees with
multi-breakout rooms, audience Q&A, live survey and on-demand recordings.


  • wtv. created a fully branded, professional and secure HSBC event with bespoke virtual set template for each of the event sessions.
  • wtv. smoothly integrated a live interactive component for the audience to participate in a Q&A as well as a post-event survey.
  • wtv. managed the production remotely by utilizing our advanced broadcasting technology.
  • 9 Producers (4 vision mixing + 5 managing speakers)
  • The event consisted of 6 webcast links and 9 breakout sessions. Each session was produced as a bespoke virtual set with custom backdrop and lower thirds all within the one microsite platform.

Breakout Room Overview:

  • The audience received one link to join the event.
  • Once the event began, the audience were able to choose the breakout session that they would like to attend by clicking on links below the media player.
  • The flow kept the audience within the STREAMSTUDIO platform at all times, minimizing the chance of someone getting lost or confused while navigating the various breakout sessions.
  • Periodically live content was streamed from the speakers situated in the Plenary session to the breakout rooms.

Other case studies

Global Leadership
Equistone Partners

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