Global business goes fully virtual to reverse nature loss

wtv. designed and delivered a live virtual global business event in 2020 bringing together world leaders, leading NGOs and global companies including the International Chamber of Commerce, WWF, the United Nations and the IUCN.

Business For Nature called on CEOs to push governments to include ambitious policies to reverse nature loss. At the event, an urgent Call to Action was made calling for collective action on nature and to secure long-standing commitments from global business.

wtv. technical teams applied a range of wtv. virtual events platforms – SHARESTUDIO, STREAMSTUDIO and CREWSTUDIO – together with Zoom & Webex technology to manage the complex range of remote speakers and panellists for the live event.

wtv.’s live teams planned the virtual event and managed all the live components across the world and timezones.

wtv. creative teams created curtain-raiser videos, animations, branded lower thirds and show running order transitions to enhance the viewer experience and engagement.

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