The brief

The theme for the 2016 event was ‘Transforming the Landscape’ and HSBC asked us to create some short-form content that focused on and explained three areas of financial transformation specific to them. These were ‘Innovation in transaction banking’, ‘Navigating the evolving liquidity landscape’ & ‘Connecting clients to China’. They wanted to use this content on their social media channels alongside the conference with the relevant hashtags, to showcase the bank’s work in the sector as well as to prompt conversations around the subject.

The solution

We created two short animations that explained HSBC’s work in the areas of ‘Navigating the evolving liquidity landscape’ and ‘Innovation in transaction banking’ and one parallax for the ‘Connecting clients to China’ subject. The vector-based animation style was a subtle visual representation of the information on screen and was built into environments, which the viewer ‘flies through’ to reach the next section of copy. The parallax was visually very interesting and used appropriate stock images from the Chinese market. These were visually very interesting ways of delivering the necessary information and statistics and worked well on social media platforms, where one of the criteria was to create content that worked well with or without sound.

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