The brief

The film needed to avoid corporate clichés and traditional formats, and instead have a creative and engaging feel. Ultimately, the film had to make the audience feel excited about Shire, it’s values, and the thought of joining the company.

The film had to define Shire’s purpose of enabling people with life-altering conditions to lead better lives. It should communicate that Shire is different to other pharmas through their entrepreneurial approach, and that Shire organises it’s business around patients.

The solution

We decided to base the film around 5 people who work at Shire and bookend it with Angus Russell. Each person tells a story that brings their own perspective to life and also connects back to the purpose and mission of Shire.

The stories had to be personal, authentic, and human. It was important to coax good performances out of each contributor to ensure the film was engaging throughout. We kept our approach simple to allow the stories and passions of the contributors to speak for themselves whilst providing viewers a vivid and true impression of Shire’s people and culture.

We filmed our contributors in action in a style that complimented the Brave films, stylistically linking the two.

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