The solution

To produce a film that is stylish, communicative and simple to watch. The idea was to celebrate all things that are SITA – not just about technology but also the people who are behind and drive the technology too.

The concept was to follow one person who represents SITA who walks through an airport talking to the camera in a human and engaging way. The journey feels like one long, flowing take through different scenarios and spaces.

Whilst we follow our person, engaging, descriptive and stylish graphics appear on the screen that provides extra detail. Our presenter pauses occasionally to work with the graphics to ensure all information being portrayed is digestible for the viewer.

Although the film contains lots of information, it was essential to stay away from the film feeling like a dry information dump. The style of the film is very graceful, with the occasional sense of humor that emphasizes all required the key messages.

Shot on Steadicam, with a cinematic grade camera using an anamorphic wide-angle lens. The wide perspective allows the space for graphics to appear on screen without the visuals every feeling too cluttered.

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