Video 1: Mercury Treaty – What, how, why gives viewers insight into the ways mercury is embedded in our lives, and what’s being done to change this. Video 2: Mercury Treaty – Swiss President Curtain Raiser brings the golden fish logo to life, illustrating the inspiration and the drive and the collaboration that the Mercury Treaty is founded on. Video 3: Mercury Treaty – Timeline incorporated images, maps, facts, and the golden fish in an animated journey that told the story of over 50 years of challenging work to change the global perspective on mercury, and the accomplishments of the activities leading to the Convention.

Installation and projections

It was important for the conference to create an atmosphere that encouraged conversation outside of the formal discussions. Inside the conference ocean images and the mercury fish branding were projected onto the walls of the entrance area and in the conference rooms. For the public, we coordinated the design and setup of a huge drop of “Mercury” with artists in Berlin creating an iconic installation which was installed in the UN’s Place des Nations and visited by thousands of members of the public during the event.

Other case studies

The Global Fund
Global Education Summit
Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance

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