The brief

UICC runs a sophisticated campaign for World Cancer Day, annually on February 4th. wtv. was brought in as an external consultant to audit UICC’s digital strategies and provide recommendations for elevating the reach and success of their multimedia international campaign. Additionally, we provided feedback on how to visualise the eight key campaign messages.

The solution

A main priority of UICC was to run a campaign utilising cutting edge social media tools and techniques. With this in mind, wtv. developed the concept for a bespoke World Cancer Day AR Facebook face filter, a brand new technology to that platform. The AR filter would create fun, shareable content while promoting the 2019 superhero concept that all participants are the heroes of the #IAmAndIWill campaign. Users could tap through several superhero headgear designs as well as add a line of text. The content was shareable as an image or video on all digital channels.

“This #WorldCancerDay, I Will use my voice to raise awareness and my influence to make change. We all have the power to reduce the impact of #cancer, so this 4th February, I will join the fight against cancer – please join us.”


The tools

UICC manages an extensive network of associated members and are engaged with several other sectors, including the general public, to raise the conversation about cancer. Tying these disparate groups together is a challenge. We provided a detailed roadmap for maximising the reach and optimisation of all World Cancer Day content through toolkits, fact giving content cards, animations, video and a reporting dashboard.

The success

The 2019 World Cancer Day campaign enjoyed great success, garnering international attention. This was in part helped by the number of celebrities who picked up the cause, championing cancer awareness on their social media profiles. The smaller cancer associations affiliated with UICC were also able to make some noise, thanks to the toolkits, content and strategies provided to them. Read the 2019 Impact Report.

I am committed to making healthier lifestyle choices in support of #WorldCancerDay and I encourage everyone to keep themselves and their loved ones informed on how they can lead super fulfilled and healthy lives.

Alessia Cara

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